Scotty Cameron Jet Set Newport 2

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Offering dedicated golfers the same look, feel and performance worldwide tour professionals enjoy, Scotty Cameron introduces his new Special Select Jet Set putters. As the name implies, this limited release, four-model collection appeals to the player looking for a very specific design aesthetic in a high-performance configuration with superior attention to shape, colour palette and finish. Inspired by high-end custom car culture, the entire Jet Set presentation is an expression of luxury performance from grip to sole.


Designed with the proven shape, plumbing neck and tri-sole of a modern Newport 2, the Special Select Jet Set Newport 2 is milled from 303 stainless steel with customizable tungsten sole weights, a Tour Black finish and the line’s Jet Set graphics package, including a specialty shaft band, headcover and textured Pistolini Plus grip. A limited number of left-handed Special Select Jet Set Newport 2 models were also created.


Incorporating a subtle design characteristic—and inspired by the putters he makes for tour professionals—Scotty included a milled sight line on the topline rather than a standard flange line.


Each Special Select Jet Set Newport 2 features performance balanced weighting with two customizable heel-toe tungsten sole weights.