MGI Zip X4 Motorised Trundler - 18 holes

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The MGI Zip X4 is packed with a host of performance enhancing features, designed to effortlessly drive you to master your golf game. Featuring a 24v 250w Click & Go Lithium battery system, the Zip X4 battery system is inherently lighter, lasts longer and has quick charge time that ultimately gives you the power to take on 18 holes out on moderate terrain. The Zip X4 is a smooth and quiet ride and is powered by a 230-watt motor that does to do all the work out on the course and lets you concentrate on the game.

Designed with a fixed front wheel for added strength and durability the buggies simplified design allows the X4 to holds its position better on challenging terrain and the all-terrain tread wheels thrive on any course. Available in a black finish, Zip X4 is loaded innovative features including Downhill Speed Control and an Electronic Park Brake.

The downhill speed control removes the requirement for golfers to manually adjust the speed control when walking downhill which creates an easy, simple and weightless transition on all downhill terrains. This feature lets you focus only on the next shot, which helps lead to lower scores and more fun out on the course. Plus, park on any incline by activating the electronic brake at the press of a button.

Master your game with the Zip X4 Motorised Buggy.