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LINK.1 Stock is the “standard” build of our new blade-style putter. It’s available in our most popular Lie Angle of 69 degrees and in lengths of 33, 34, and 35 inches.

LINK.1 Stock is built to the same exacting standards as LINK.1 Custom. It’s 100% Made In the USA and built and balanced by L.A.B. Golf Craftsmen in our factory outside Eugene, Oregon.

LINKING THE PAST AND FUTURE  So many golfers love the look of blade-style putters. Yes, they’re beautiful, but they’re not always the best for making putts. 

What we did with LINK.1 was honor the shape of these legendary putters but make them dramatically easier to use by adding Lie Angle Balance.


Like all L.A.B. Golf putters, LINK.1 is designed to stay square to your path during the stroke. That means there’s no need to try to keep the face square like there is with other putters. All you have to do is LET the face stay square.

Think about that for a second. How many more putts would you make if you could trust your putter to be square at impact?