Big Max Aqua Sport 3

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This bag is the perfect choice for avid golfers who demand nothing less than the best. The AQUA Sport 3 offers the best waterproof materials in a sporty and colorful package. With 9 waterproof pockets, a combined rain cover / battery pocket, dual umbrella holder and shoulder strap option, the Aqua Sport 3 provides perfect organisation on the course.

AQUA Sport 3

The I-Dry system from BIG MAX guarantees 100% waterproof material as well as seams and zippers. Rounds of golf in the rain are no longer a problem, the bag stays dry on the inside and your golf equipment is protected against elements.

• 100% Waterproof & seam Sealed
• 14-way Organiser Top
• Full length dividers
• Dedicated XL hybrid putter/umbrella compartment
• Convenient access to all equipment
• 9 waterproof pockets
• Combined rain hood / battery pocket
• Integrated rain protection
• XL cooler pocket
• Dual umbrella holder

• Dual carrying strap option
• Glove holder
• Towel holder
• Practical carry handle
• Strap-fixed facility
• Top size: 9.5 inches
• Ultra light weight: only 2.4 kg