Axglo Flip n' Go Pro Trundler

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The Flip n' Go Pro Push Cart helps you save storage space, and has a quick taking off function on rear wheels, saves even more space by taking off the rear wheels.
The Flip n' Go Pro Push Cart has  2 separate large storage consoles, carries more accessories and makes them organized.
Our patent 1 step folding design allows you to set up the cart in few seconds, simply pull up the handle with 1 foot lightly step on top of the front wheel. 
4 Wheels design with 360° smaller swivel front wheels compare to previous model.
Delivers outstanding maneuverability, making it effortless to navigate and move around with ease.
Offer boasts a dual braking system, which guarantees superior handling and control for an optimal golfing experience.
Simple engage and release hand brake system
Handles are adjustable to suit each user's preference
Replaceable wheels with multi-color trims will make your cart unique and extraordinary
Bag holding rack supports most golf bags of different sizes with adjustable bag strap to secure the golf bag
Maintenance free and airless wheels carts are available in Black/Grey/White
Beverage holder and umbrella holder included. Perfect for keeping your favorite drink within reach while you relax. Easy store and access your umbrella in case of unexpected rain or bright sunlight.